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Order concerns

All questions about your orders can be consulted below. If you have an
additional question please write to us


Please take into account the following recommendations:

  • Check the confirmation email to know the estimated delivery date.
  • If the estimated delivery date has already passed and your order has not yet been delivered, you can contact us. Please send an email to infoclarissarosania@gmail.com with the details of your order.
  • We will help you and inform you about the status of your order.

The shipping cost is automatically calculated by the system according to your city and country.

  • With our homes we seek to reach all of Colombia and Latin American countries
  • Any questions write us by whatsapp +57 304 5456417


The masks have no change because they are for personal use.

Items that are NOT on discount can be returned within 5 calendar days from the day you received your order. You can exchange it for another product or request a purchase coupon to redeem it in our online store.

The value of sending/returning the garments to our facilities is borne by the client.

If you have any questions, write to us at infoclarissarosania@gmail.com or contact us via whatsapp +57 304 5456417

Yes, you can make the change and it only applies to line products, that is, those that are NOT on discount.

You must request the change as soon as possible and tell us about the inconvenience, you can do it through the following means.

  • Completing the contact form
  • You can send us an email to infoclarissarosania@gmail.com
  • By WhatsApp at +57 304 5456417 in Bogotá – Colombia

You have 5 calendar days from the moment the courier company delivers your product.


By return

At Clarissa Rosania we care about providing you with products of excellent quality and design.

We do not refund money, if for any reason you returned a garment, you will receive a coupon for the same value to be used in our online store.

Applies for purchases in Colombia and from other countries.

For more information writing to us via the web or calling us at +57 304 5456417

Yes, the refunds that we make by means of a digital coupon can be used in our online store.


  1. Find your product and click on “Add to cart” to add it to your shopping cart, you also have the option to enter it from the payment registration page by activating the link Click here to enter your code.
  2. Once inside the shopping cart, in the product list box at the bottom of this you will find a field requesting the coupon code, enter the code you have for the coupon and press the “Apply coupon” button, you must enter the coupon as it was sent to you, without any type of variation.
  3. Click “Apply”; We will automatically deduct the value of the coupon from the total amount of your purchase.
    Finally, check that the discount has been applied correctly and click on the “Complete purchase” button.

Remember that discount coupons do not apply to shipping costs, they can only be used once, they are valid for a single purchase and they are non-transferable, that is, they can only be used by the user to whom they were sent.

Please, it is very important that you take into account the indications that each coupon sent has for its correct application.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Check that the coupon code is spelled correctly (respect uppercase, lowercase and numbers).
  2. Read very carefully the information sent to your email where your discount coupon goes (such as the minimum purchase and the validity of the coupon).

Remember that discount coupons do not apply to shipping costs, they can only be used once, they are valid for a single purchase and they are non-transferable, that is, they can only be used by the user to whom they were sent.


We accept all types of payment.

In Colombia you can pay through Payu that receives:

  • PSE, credit and debit card, baloto, efecty, pagatodo and bank deposit through code generated by Payu.

From abroad you can pay through PayPal that receives credit cards and PayPal accounts.

Yes, payments are 100% secure, it has the highest standards of security technology and availability.

If your credit or debit card does not work, you should contact your bank so that they can tell you about possible problems with your card.


Find your product using the following options in our store.

  • Select the product to buy in “Add to cart” to add the product to your shopping cart. If you wish, you can continue browsing the page and add more products to your cart.
  • In the button see my cart, you can see the products that you have already bought in the section of my shopping cart, you can perform the following options: Apply coupon (if you have one), see the subtotal of the purchase, the shipping rate (you can select the link Calculate shipping, selecting the country, city, shipping address when clicking on update the inserted values ​​are updated) and total. Finally, having the data, the Finish purchase button is selected.
  • Once the checkout button is selected, it will take you to the Register payment page, if you have not yet registered on our page, you must fill in some fields with personal data, you must also enter the address where your order will be delivered.
  • If you are already registered, just enter your email and password to log in; by doing so, your data will be filled in automatically. Here you will find:
  • billing detail: Your personal data such as name, surname, Country,
    Your shipping address: If you have already purchased with us, the last address used will appear and if you want to register another, you can activate the box send to a different address
  • In order, when selecting process payment it will show you the detailed summary of your order, which will be registered (products, subtotal, shipping cost and the total. Further down in this section the Payment Method will be shown: If you have already purchased with us, the last method used will appear.Choose the payment method that best suits you: credit card, payment by bank deposit, payment in Cash or cash on delivery, depending on the payment method that best suits your purchase.

Verify that all fields are filled in with the correct information: shipping address, payment method and, if applicable, billing address and your coupon code if you have it. Finally, click on the activation button and know all the purchase policies and terms that will be found in the final part of the section, once all this data has been reviewed by selecting Place order, your purchase is processed.

You can choose the following options:

  • Payu or PayPal: system that helps you make your payment by credit or debit card.
  1. From the main menu of our store in the shopping cart you can review the products you have chosen for purchase and right there you can remove the items you want to remove from the purchase list. Locate the product you wish to remove and click the “X” next to each product.
  2. You can also carry out this procedure by directly entering the my shopping cart page, you can also delete them from the list of products, locating the product you want to delete and clicking on the “X” that appears next to each product.

To be registered in our store you must follow the following steps:

  1. Click the my account link.
  2. Enter your email to which we will send you a password so you can activate your account within our store.
  3. Click the “Sign up” button.

And that’s it, you just created your account, enter and review all the information about your orders in our online store.

To update your account data you must enter My account in our store and by locating the left side menu in the account details link you can edit your personal data (Names, surnames, display name, email and personalized password change) at press the “Save changes” button and the changes made will be registered.

In the addresses link you can edit the billing and shipping information for your shipments. By default, the data that you have entered in your first purchase in our store is activated.

And in the Orders link you can review (The order number, date, total status and actions such as view details and invoice) of all the orders that you have generated within our store, you can also access the invoice for each of them in the Invoice button

and press Exit to log out of the store.

Whenever you enter the store you can access your account by clicking on the link My account located at the bottom of our online store orders section.

Once inside the page, enter your email and password.

Yes, you can change your email once you have entered your account in the link My account details update your new email as well as other information.

Enter My web store account by clicking on the link Forgot your password? You will be redirected to the page where you can reset the password, once there we will guide you in the recovery process, Enter your username or email. You will receive a link to create a new password by email.

If you want to delete your account, please send an email to infoclarissarosania@gmail.com We will help you delete it.

Don’t forget that once we delete your account, you will not be able to recover your information again, as everything will be removed from our system.

If you do not want to receive our emails but want to keep your account, write to us too.


Our products are characterized by offering the best comfort, variety, quality and exclusivity for our customers.

For Clarissa Rosania the most important thing is that you are satisfied and enjoy our products. To guarantee the security of all your purchases, we offer you Buyer Protection, which includes: Terms and conditions of use, Conditions of Access and Use, Responsibility, Privacy Policy, etc.

The use of your personal data is carried out in strict adherence to Law 1581 of 2012 and its Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, as well as our Privacy Notice. Consult our privacy policies in Terms of use

Through our online store we guarantee 100% quality and exclusivity of our products and accessories.


Son comentarios que nuestros usuarios han realizado sobre el producto que han comprado. Son totalmente confiables, ya que cada usuario expresa libremente su experiencia de compra.

Calificar el servicio la calidad de los productos nos permite tener una retroalimentación efectiva. Cuando seas tú quien compre un producto, nos ayudes de la misma forma: escribiendo tu propia reseña.

Puedes escribir tus propias reseñas si ya estás registrado la tienda y has realizado al menos una compra con nosotros. Por favor, recuerda que sólo puedes publicar una reseña por producto.

Describenos tu experiencia de compra. Así, podemos saber qué estamos haciendo bien o mal y mejorar nuestro servicio; además, ayudarás a otros usuarios a tomar su propia decisión de compra.

You can write your own reviews if you are already registered in the store and have made at least one purchase with us. Please remember that you can only post one review per product.

  1. Once you have entered your account, on the page of each product, in the ratings tab, you can generate the review for the product, remember that only registered users who have purchased this product can make a review.

In the ratings tab at the bottom of the product page, you will find the comments that buyers have made about the product and you can write your own review.

All reviews must be validated, for this reason, they cannot be published immediately.

You can reject a review:

Reviews can be positive or negative. However, out of respect for all our customers, we ask you to take into account the following points that could cause your review to be rejected:

  • Offensive content.
  • Personal information.
  • Competitor information.
  • Information not related to the product.
  • Any kind of question.
  • Comments related to piracy.
  • Answers or comments on other reviews.
  • Comparison with other sites or stores.
  • Comments in a language other than Spanish.
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