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Garment Care Instructions

I bring it up all the time, fashion can be an INVESTMENT, and with every investment comes proper maintenance.  It is so important that we are taking care of our clothes, ESPECIALLY the pieces that we spend a little more on; as those are the pieces we usually want to get the most use out of!

  • Don’t over wash your clothes.Washing doesn’t only cleanse the item, but often fades color and removes structure. Items worn carefully and lightly can often be made fresh again by simply airing them out.
  • Fold clothes along the seems, to avoid unwanted creases and to maintain the shape of the item.
  • Avoid wrinkles, by using a handheld steamer!  This is my must have when getting ready for an event or shoot. Handheld steamers will save your outfit every time, and will leave your clothes fresh and wrinkle free.
  • Avoid the dryer!It is better for you, the environment, and your CLOTHES if you air dry.  Dryers not only rapidly dry your clothes, they rapidly wear down your clothes also.  Do yourself and your electricity bill a favor and air dry the pieces you want to last.


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